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Outboard EFI engines operate on the fuel injection strategy called “Speed/Density”. This means that the ECM primarily looks at the engine’s speed and the intake manifold’s air density in order to calculate the correct amount of fuel to inject. The engine requires an air/fuel mixture of approximately 14:7 to 1 in the coustion chaers. Since the EFI system doesn’t control air …

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Fuel Tank Problems : Most OMC engines before about 1959 used a dual line fuel tank hose with no fuel pump. These were a Siamese dual hose with pressure one line coming from the engine into the tank, pressurizing it, then pushing the fuel from the tank to the motor. The reason I say "Most" in the first sentence is that for a few years prior, you could get the new style vacuum …


just before the fuel pump, some clear hose also at the fuel pump inlet and a pressure gauge at fuel pump outlet. The sketch in figure 2 shows a typical V4 outboard fuel system. With gauges inserted (using Tee fittings) and some clear hose, it is then just a matter of operating the motor at maximum fuel flow (wide open throttle) and note the readings. Fuel and Oil Pump Fuel …

The Most Common Outboard Engine Issues: Fuel Senior Editor, Lenny Rudow, as he walks us through the most common outboard engine issues, particularly involving fuel systems and flushing. R


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9/2/2019· In an enclosed engine compartment or a permenant fuel tank, you must use A1 rated marine hose that is designed to be fire resistant. For outboard motors above deck, the A1 fuel line above deck can be adapted/jointed into a flexible B1 rated hose. B1 rated hose can be used entirely for outboard motor portable tanks not enclosed in the boat.

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Insert the clear hose into the fuel line, prime up the engine, and start it up! Let it run for a little while and carefully watch the fuel passing through the clear hose. If you see a ton of air bubbles coming from the boat fuel tank side of the hose, then we are hot on the trail to solving this issue! Follow The Bubbles! Now, remove the clear hose from the fuel line and reconnect it the way

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Check all fuel system fittings and hoses for leaks that might cause a drop in fuel pressure. Replace connectors and hoses that are leaking or questionable. Run the motor on a test tank of fuel. Fill a portable tank with fresh gasoline and connect it to the motor. Run the motor through its full range of speed. If the motor runs fine on the test

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This setup allows the pump to deliver the fuel. The fuel pump on an outboard motor works differently than the one found in your car or truck. When the cylinder leaks, the pump pulse signal isn’t strong enough to get the right amount of fuel to the cylinder. Thankfully, outboard fuel pumps don’t fail often. Typically, what you think is a fuel pump issue is generally another …

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23/9/2009· f115 fuel pressure trouble. 09-21-2009, 10:19 AM. I recently cleaned my VST tank and replaced the filter. Now it seems that after it sits for a couple hours or more it is hard to start and I have no fuel pressure. It also seems that the issue is more prodominent if it sits with the motor trimmed up.

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Premium Heavy Duty 4 mtr Fuel Line And Bulb Outboard Kit View full details. £19.19 £14.99 Save £6.20 / RRP £21.19 Ref14: LA-31958 Universal Outboard Fuel Line With Primer Pump - 8mm View full details . £4.59 £3.99 Save £1.00 / RRP £4.99 Ref14: CEFH-6 Engine Fuel Hose - 6mm View full details. £5.59 £4.99 Save £1.00 / RRP £5.99 Ref14: CEFH-8 Engine Fuel …


3. Refer to “Determining Recommended Outboard Motor Mounting Height,” preceding and install outboard to the nearest recommended mounting height. 4. Fasten outboard with provided mounting hardware shown. c a b d e a-1/2 in. Diameter Bolts (4) b-Flat Washers(4) c-Locknuts (4) d-Flat Washers (4) e-Marine Sealer - Apply to Shanks of Bolts, Not

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Brass Tail For Sierra 21 Micron Fuel Filters, 3/8" NPT, 10mm Hose $10.90 $10.35. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. Add To Cart. Brass Tail For Sierra 21 Micron Fuel Filters, 1/4" NPT, 8mm Hose $11.90 $11.31. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. Add To Cart. Marine Town ''P'' Trap Tank Vent Adaptor - Nylon $17.90 $17.01.

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Dual Pressure Gauge Kit Used for Mercury DFI Outboards, (OE # 91-881833A03 ) Replaces: 91-881834A1, 881834A1, 91-852087, 91-852087A1, 91-852087A2, 91-852087A3

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How to Test the Fuel Pressure on a Yamaha Outboard. By Kyle McBride. Gasoline-powered outboard motors without built-in fuel tanks must be connected to a remote fuel source. Many outboard manufacturers sell fuel tanks and fuel hose kits with the appropriate fittings built into the hose that will connect to their motors. Tanks with nonstandard fittings require a custom …

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15/10/2020· Usually low pressure pump issues will cause fuel starvation issues. My understanding with the low pressure pump is fuel is supplied to the VST controlled via the float, needle and seat. You have ruled that out by replacing the needle and seat and adjusting the float. I would suggest you check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail. Should be 36psi

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Fix of a Yamaha no start, hard start, caused by bad fuel connector and bad hose.

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Washdown and Pressure Pumps Rail Fittings Rope and Cordage Engine Fittings - Outboards and Fuel. Home / Collections / Engine Fittings - Outboards and Fuel Tank Breather (Chrome Plated Brass) 4 sizes. from $31.61. Deck Filler 38mm with Breather. from $68.75. Brass Hosetail. from $9.43. 3 Way Fuel Valve (Two Tanks) $59.60. Fuel and Water Tank Senders. from …

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RSP Fuel Hose - 5 / 16 inch, Per Metre. $5.99. ^. (18) Add To Cart. Not available for delivery. Pick up today. Compare RSP Fuel Hose - 5 / 16 inch, Per Metre 104893. Select another one or two products to compare.

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The most accurate method for troubleshooting the fuel pump on your Evinrude is to test the pump with a low-pressure fuel gauge while running the motor at various speeds with the propeller attached. This means taking your boat and motor to a nearby body of water, tying the boat to the dock, rigging the test equipment to the fuel system and running the boat at idle, half-speed …

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PUMP ASSELY, Fuel - High Pressure (1 required per assely) 880596T55 - PUMP ASSELY Fue [ More info] Unavailable: 18-7338 - Electric Fuel Pump Mercury [ More info] $353.99 $304.57 1 In Stock. #12: 880596506: SEAL (1 required per assely) 880596506 - Seal [ More info] $29.58

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The fuel line hoses are the standard 18 inches to the tank and 54 inches to the engine. (We can custom make these hoses to any length you want and usually in less than 24 hours. Please call 1-877- 786-0606 for more information. ) The End Fittings For The Tohatsu / Nissan Fuel Line Assely To The Tank Is The L-1277 Which Looks Like This: The End Fittings For The …

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Lubriing the outboard motor Fuel system Special service tools Hose routing Fuel hoses and fuel pipes Fuel filter Fuel pump Checking the fuel pumps Disasseling the fuel pumps Asseling the fuel pumps Oil injection system Checking the check valve Checking the oil filter Checking the oil tank Asseling the oil tank Installing the oil pump Bleeding the oil injection …

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11/4/2016· When I was a kid with an a 7 HP Sears outboard engine, the fuel line once split open on me and sprayed both me and the boat with gas. The fuel had pressurized in the tank in the sun (no vent on that tank) and when I turned the handle to steer, the crack finally opened. Lesson – PERIODICALLY check your hoses (and avoid Sears outboards – not really an …

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For use between the fuel tank and engine on marine outboard fuel systems and small gasoline-powered lawn, garden, and turf equipment. * Working pressure at 20˚C (68˚F) Meets the requirements of the International Marine Certifiion Institute’s Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC Qualified to applicable portions of SAE J1527B1 and SAE J30R6, R9, and R11 …


OUTBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATION 90-859494R1 JUNE 2000 Page 1D-9 Fuel Hose Connection Fuel Hose Size – Minimum fuel line inside diameter (I.D.) is 5/16 in. (8mm), with separate fuel line/fuel tank pickup for each engine. Fasten remote fuel hose to fitting with hose clamp. Oil Hose Connections

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Outboard Fuel Primer Bulbs P-JPW2411. From $7.03 (inc. GST) See Options. Find in Store. Fuel Line Assely Evinrude Johnson Outboards 10mm JPW2174 07486. $91.21 (inc. GST) …

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10/8/2020· Take a small section of the hose with you to Oreilly or Advance. On the suction side, you don''t need to go nuts but you should buy Coast Guard approved (thicker walls) hose. On the pressure side, you definitely need a high-pressure fuel line suitable for fuel injection if your engine is so equipped. What''s funny to me is the stuff on the feed

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A pressure tank is a remote tank as well, but the engine does not use a fuel pump in order to draw fuel through the hose. Instead, the tank is pressurized though one passage in a two-passage hose, and the gasoline is forced by this pressure back up the other passage in the hose to the engine. In order to give the engine it’s initial charge of gasoline for starting, the tank is …

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27/10/2014· Found source. 08 df140. 10-13-2014, 08:13 PM. Hey guys. The vapor hose running from vst to the top of the crankcase is pushing a lot of gas in the crankcase causing excessive fuel in the oil issue. There is a steady stream of fuel coming from the hose after about 3 minutes of idle. Don''t know if vst has debris or a high pressure problem from