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Non API Monogrammed Choke & Kill Hoses. Up to 15,000 PSI Working Pressure – tested to 400°F for 2 Hours at 15,000 PSI, with 5% Co2 and Oil Based Fluids Hose and coupling are suitable for H2S service. Couplings are Ni-Kanigen plated for salt water resistance.

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Hose Asselies should be tested on a monthly basis for conductivity per ANSI/IAS NGV 4.2; CSA 12.52. Parker manufactures special Hose for aerospace in-flight applica-tions. Aerospace in-flight appliions employing Hose to transmit fuel, lubriing fluids and hydraulic fluids require a special Hose with a conductive inner tube. This Hose for in-flight appliions is available only …

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HP Hose Types Summary. API 7K: For Mud and Cement hoses – temp -25°C to +100°C – Grade D, Grade E. Jumper Hose: used to convey high-pressure drilling liquids, loed anywhere in the high-pressure. mud piping system. Rotary Hose: used to convey high-pressure drilling liquids between the top of the mud standpipe and. the rotary swivel.

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The API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards covers individual standards for sampling, temperature determination, gauging, and quality testing. This publiion integrates these standards, by reference, into a framework that may be applied during custody transfer of crude oil from lease tanks to a tank truck without requiring direct access to the tank thief gauge hatch. …

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20/9/2017· ANSI FLANGE PRESSURE RATING EXPLAINED. Pressure rating is defined as the maximum allowed pressure that a flange can withstand at increasing temperatures. According to the ANSI/ASME B16.5 specifiion, there are seven flange pressure ratings: 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500. The terms “pressure rating”, “class”, “#”, “Lb

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API 7K Rotary Drilling Hose is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the swivel which can move vertically. All our hoses are certified to ISO standards on request. Pacific Hoseflex offers hose installation services and products are available in our online store.

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The Hobble Clamp Hose Restraint, (or clamp X anchor restraints) bolt directly around the outside of a heavy walled hose or pipe. These devices are offered by special quote only to ensure safety and compliance on API and oilfield appliions. This safety system can utilize hobble clamps of equal or varying sizes for connecting hose to pipe of a larger diameter, or as hobble …

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incorrect hose restraints in use; incorrect or inadequately secured cyclones and cyclone lids; incorrectly fitted grinding wheels, stones and disks; inappropriate methods/procedures for clearing sample hose blockages; insecure sample deflection devices fitted to the drill head ; incorrect fitting of wire to wire-line winch drum; wireline snags and overruns; lack of provision of …

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Topco Oilsite Products LTD is proud to be the Canadian distributor of American Iron Works safety equipment. With over 65 years of experience, American Iron works is a leading supplier of high pressure hose & piping restraints. AIW designs, tests and manufactures restraints capable of restraining hose and pipes from 100 PSI to 50,000 PSI.

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Developed in 1972 using a patent from the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) to build high-pressure, flexible steel pipes, Coflexip''s unbonded flexible technology surpasses other manufacturers, supplying up to 3" ID 20,000 psi flexibles to API 16C standards for offshore drilling and up to 4" 20,000 psi flexibles for well services operations. Other features include:

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25/10/2016· Methods of restraint include wiring together hose connections, clamping or bracketing pipe sections, and securing restraint cables at the ends of hoses or pipe that function as loading spouts. For

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We have done extensive testing on our hobble systems to assure that they meet the strict API standards. Our cable assely comes tagged and pull tested. LOAD TESTED! Click here for Hose Hobble installation instructions. Hose Hobbles and Pipe Clamps. 1502 Piping Failure. Pipe Capsule. Contact Us. Customer Service and Sales 405-577-2877 866-577-2871 tf 405-577 …


supplemental restraints. At the core of all the benefits that Victaulic® solutions bring to a project — such as productivity, safety, design flexibility and quality — are the unique features of our products. Easy system maintenance and expansion – through simple coupling disassely that allows for easy access. Alignment ease – through

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Hose size: A hose’s measurements are influenced by inside diameter (ID). Hoses also leverage something called a dash system. This dash size is a reference to the diameter of the hose in 1/16" increments. Differences in Materials and the Manufacturing Process

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Flex‐Hose Co. Inc. 11/2/2016 Presentation 3 Seismic Isolation of Piping Systems IliIIsosollatatiingng mechilhanical equiipment ffrom bildibuilding difdrift. Determining what type of flexible connectors to use and why. Seismic restraint of piping and bridging seismic joints in buildings. Review of the current International Building Codes and U.S.

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Standards and regulations for hose restraints I n our ye a r s of e xpe r i e nc e , t he pr oduc t s t ha t a r e m os t of t e n or de r e d w i t h urge nt de l i ve r y a r e hos e s af e t y w hi p c he c k s and ny l on hos e w hi p re s t r ai nt s . I t i s no w onde r ba s e d on how m a ny a ge nc i e s a nd orga ni z a t i ons r e qui r e t he i r us e . Va r i ous a ge nc i e s w

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Hose Whip Restraint WRA340. 5450 OLP. 5450 OLP - 1/4 in. x 50 ft. Hose Reel. 4435 OLP. 4435 OLP - 1/4 in. x 35 ft. Hose Reel. YS-B-33. Hose Sleeve YS-B-33. WRF205. Hose Whip Restraint WRF205.

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8/3/2017· In our years of experience, the products that are most often ordered with urgent delivery are hose safety whip checks and nylon hose whip restraints. It is no wonder based on how many agencies and organizations require their use. Various agencies word their regulations differently, but primarily they all come to the same requirement: If a hose connection is …

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Standard hose‐end connections include: Hammer‐Lug Union (Fig. 1502, 602, 206, etc.), Flanged (API 6A or ANSI), Hub or Threaded (NPT, BSP or Autoclave). Handle Many coinations of handle are possible, common ones are …

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11/6/2014· facility in U.S.A. to get API 16C hose products raises restraint of trade issues. There are many hose companies producing choke hoses and kill hoses that are not API 16C product. It is understood that the original API 16C includes some stringent fire testing requirements developed for offshore appliions. The majority of rigs covered by the Texas RRC operate …

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31/8/2017· The Twitter API provides developers with a clean and simple interface to query Twitter’s objects (Tweets, users listen to a stream of 1% of all Tweets. That’s referred to as “the garden hose”. Alternatively, and this is the method I use, you can listen to a stream based on a set of search terms. This is a more targeted approach, and ends up being more useful than …

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approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for Q1 and ISE 9001:2015. The facility has also been surveyed and approved by DNVGL to meet Annex III Module H of Directive 2014/68/EU on all pressure equipment. Most products are supplied with the CE marking. Chiksan and Weco products also can be supplied-with both type and case approval from DNVG:, Lloyds, ABS, …

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High pressure whip check for high pressure hose appliion made to any size suitable for very high pressure hoses use. Commonly used on hoses 1000 psi up to 40,000psi. Made in USA. 3'' length suited for 1/4" hose up to 1" hose. 6'' length suited for 2" hose . Custom made to any size needed for any id hose you may have. Let us know if you have

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Seguridad contra el golpe de ariete pipe-whip restraint reactions Whip check Válvula de seguridad o de alivio Whip check line would be the sector where a sistem is conected to restrain the "golpe de ariete". Aunque no pones el contexto de Hose restraint asumo que se refiere a seguridad o alivio de las mangueras (contra el golpe de ariete).

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World Rig Supply BOP Hose, koomey hoses & bop control hoses Our bop hoses, bop Control hoses and Kommey Flex Hose is manufactured with only premium components. The Stainless Stee bop hoses are armored in heavy duty .015 gauge for those tough oilfield appliions. A special Carbon or Stainless Steel nipple with a large hex and longer threads allows for easy …

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28/10/2016· Whipchek air hose restraints are slipped over the hose on each side of the fitting and prevent hose whip in the event of fitting separation or failure. Spring loaded loops on each end are easily

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75PSI Dry bulk food discharge hose-FDA. 300PSI black fuel & oil suction & discharge hose. LT904 BN150PSI SBR Water Discharge Hose. LT805 150PSI High Quality Hot Air Blower Hose. Contact Us; 0086-37155157686 E-mail: [email protected]


close the exhaust valve and replace hose in the straight position. Restraints should be connected at this time. Caution: It is critical that all the air in the hose has been exhausted before testing begins..14. HOSE USE, CARE AND MAINTENANCE GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOSE HYDROSTATIC TESTING AND INSPECTION After closing the exhaust valve, check …

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close the exhaust valve and replace hose in the straight position. Restraints should be connected at this time. Caution: It is critical that all the air in the hose has been exhausted before testing begins..14. After closing the exhaust valve, check all connections to insure there is no leaking. Once all leaking has been eliminated, raise pressure to the hose’s rated working …

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Restraint or isolation of expansion joints: expansion joints shall be provided with temporary restraint if required for the additional pressure load under test. Isolation of equipment and piping not subjected to pressure test: Equipment that is not to be subjected to the pressure test shall be either disconnected from the system or isolated by a blank or similar means. Figure 1: …