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High pressure nitrogen hose with safety chuck to prevent filling low pressure tires from high pressure system Low pressure nitrogen hose with Schrader air chuck Towbar with 3" ID lunette ring and parking brake Skydrol resistant paint (safety yellow) Export crating One year standard warranty


Low pressure system delivers up to 500 PSI to raise struts of small airplanes, and also to inflate tires. Requires the use of a pressurized Nitrogen bottle (not included). Features Harris Nitrogen Regulator to precisely control pressure delivery. Includes 12'' High Pressure Hose, Shut-Off Valve, and Schrader Strut Coupler.

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Chart’s Dura-Cyl® product is a low, medium or high pressure liquid nitrogen cylinder (22-350 psig/15.9-24.1 bar). The Dura-Cyl liquid nitrogen cylinder provides the longest holding time, lowest evaporation rate, highest gas-withdrawal rate and best life-cycle cost. Dura-Cyl LP models feature the "sight gauge" liquid globe valve with an extended stem for less ice build-up on the …

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Standard High / Low pressure switch are for 0-100 psi (the standard setting is 40/60 psi) High pressure switches are typically found on Nitrogen and Insturment Air lines where pressure is 100-180 psi. 2 switches will be required to monitor a high and a low for high pressure appliions (80 psi or higher) Reserve system switches are for reserve

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High Pressure Products & Service 10,000 up to 65,000 Psi. Houston high pressure products and service, tubing, valves, pumps, fittings, pressure gauges, hydrostatic units, pressure hoses, pressure chart recorderg, tube fittings, adapters and many more. All made in USA. Pressure Shop Inc is a online store specialized only of the most common high

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2-bottle low & high pressure nitrogen regulator with two (2) 15'' (457.2 cm) delivery hoses. Includes AERO part nuer 05-001 inflating valve adapter, and 05-002 strut service valve adapter (one on each hose), calibration certifies and manual. High pressure regulator delivery range (standard configuration): 200-3000 psi (14-207 bar)

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In many high pressure testing appliions for leak testing, gaseous nitrogen is utilized as a medium due to its low investment cost. Resato''s experience with Nitrogen Testing in the Hose Industry. Many of our customers in the hose industry use nitrogen to perform tests on rubber hoses and thermoplastic hoses. Technical specifiion . Feature ; Atomic nuer: 7 : State …

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Nuvair air storage include high pressure storage tanks, low pressure volume tanks, and air bank storage racks. All air storage solutions can be customized to meet specific requirements. Air/Nitrogen Bank Storage Racks. Nuvair offers stock and custom-designed storage racks for high pressure cylinders. Our standard racks can accommodate 1, 2, 3

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One lab had ordered low pressure and received high pressure by mistake. The lab personnel assumed it was low pressure and began to use it. This could have resulted in an unsafe condition. Low pressure has an operating pressure of 22 psig!!! High pressure operates at 230 psig or above. Always check the pressure gauge to determine the type of container. 23 …

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High pressure flexible hoses manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 14113 are used to connect gas cylinders direct to manifolds. For all appliions including Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2, Hydrogen and Propane, this is 300 bar, hence hoses of this kind that are non-metallic - elastomeric or PTFE lined, and should be routinely replaced every five years.

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High-Pressure Soft Plastic Tubing for Air and Water. A polyester braid is eedded into the walls of this tubing, giving it the strength to withstand higher pressures than other soft tubing for air and water. Use in appliions up to 350 psi.

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12. Wait about 1 minute before removing the liquid hoses from the Liquid and vent ports on the 160 liter LN2 Dewar. 13. Wait about 10 minutes then switch the dewar relief valve back to 22PSI. If the tank begins to relieve, switch back to high pressure relief valve and wait approximately 5 more minutes before switching back to low pressure

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This kit is designed for hydraulic accumulator nitrogen charging and pressure test, suit most brand accumulator. It comes with five adapters to meet different needs of accumulators. It features compact structure, convenient use, high pressure and impact resistance, safety and reliability. Accurate Measurement. Interchangeable Fittings. Premium Material. Protective …

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Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs Limited for more information on the 1 bottle nitrogen low/high pressure regulator system. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements. 1-bottle low and 1-bottle high nitrogen regulator with (2) 15′ (457.2 cm) delivery hoses Includes inflating valve adapter on one delivery hose and 05-002 strut service valve adapter on the …

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High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator Hose. For use to connect any high pressure secondary regulator to the Nitrogen cylinder. Notes and Warnings: There are many situations where people prefer to connect the high pressure hose directly. Whether it be to get the Nitro tank out of the fridge, or just not wanting a regulator attached to the tank. Please keep in mind that this …

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For Krontec - a specialist manufacturer of high performance hoses supplied to Formula One - each and every hose needs to go through thorough testing to meet the critically high standards. Krontec specified two custom made nitrogen regulated pressure test rigs, able to provide a helium or nitrogen gas supply to a test piece at the following pressures: • Low pressure …

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27/8/2020· If the high pressure nitrogen booster is oil lubried design the nitrogen will then enter a filtration system to get rid of any oil carryover. If even the smallest drops of oil cannot be tolerated in the process an oil-free compressor is your best option. From there the nitrogen will be stored in high pressure DOT cylinders and regulated down to the required point of use …

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14/2/2017· Think of a garden hose. no restriction on end of hose equals high volume (gallons/minute flow rate) but low pressure and velocity. The water will only go a few inches out the end of the hose. Put a nozzle with a smaller opening on the end of the hose and the volume or flow rate will decrease but the pressure and velocity will increase shooting the water …

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Hose Length Chart 1 gives the pressure drop in different-sized hoses based on hoses of 100-foot length, and is based on water as the material conveyed. For hoses of a different length, these values must be corrected. For example, a 100-foot length of 1/2" hose causes a pressure drop of 100 lbs./in.2 at a flow rate of 10 gal./min. If the hose in

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Description: . Specifiions and Features: Delivers high quality nitrogen at the purity required for tire inflation Four 25'' Inflation Hoses 40–150°F Operating Temperature Range Nitrogen created on demand resulting in energy savings Hand-held nitrogen analyzer for easy testing . Generator Type: Nitrogen Outlet Pressure: 100 to 175 psi; Output Flow Rate: 122 to 1172 SLM

Nitrogen Hoses, High/Low Pressure, 2/4/6/15/25/35-Feet

Replacement Aircraft Nitrogen Service Hose lines in 2'', 4'', 6'', 15'', 25'', 35'' lengths. TF-1043-01. High and low pressure regulator and booster hoses for aircraft tire/strut service. AERO is a global supplier of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

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Transfer liquid nitrogen across a wide temperature range with this hose. Hose comes cleaned, capped, and bagged to meet CGA (Compressed Gas Association) G4.1. The braid provides good flexibility in high-vibration appliions. Fittings swivel until tightened for easy installation.. Hose with Cover — A cover surrounds the braid to protect it from damage.

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5/1/2022· Pressure washers are high-pressure cleaners used to clean the surfaces of walls, floors, vehicles, gardens, factories, warehouses, etc. Basically, the structure of the pressure washer consists of an engine and some washing machine accessories such as high pressure hose, high pressure guns. The machine works on the principle of creating high

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High Pressure Hoses. All our High Pressure Hoses are manufactured to BS EN ISO 14113. An extensive range covers most if not all gases and possible variations. BS341, DIN477, AFNOR, CGA, ISO 5145. Standards hose lengths available 900mm - 3600mm. If you don''t see it, or just need something a little bit different please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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23/2/2021· Nitrogen will be released to elevate the pressure within the test component to a low pressure while forcing any air, debris, or other substances out of the component. This will purge the system of contaminants and check for leaks. Routine pressure testing involves two stages: Low-pressure testing; High-pressure testing; Low-Pressure Testing

High Pressure Hose for Inert Gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Helium)

This high pressure hose for inert gases is manufactured to BS EN ISO 14113. The PTFE inner liner is covered by a stainless steel braided mantle. Cylinder and manifold connectors are made of brass. Technical Specifiion. BS No.3 inlet to connect straight to gas cylinder with G3/8" swivel outlet to connect to manifold. 300 Bar rated.

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water hose MAXAIR. for compressed air for gas rubber. water hose. MAXAIR. Inner diameter: 6 mm - 60 mm. Outer diameter: 12 mm - 75 mm. Pressure: 15, 10 bar. MAXAIR from Trelleborg is a reliable industrial hose that is used as a general-purpose compressed air hose and for pneumatic tools in industrial, medical and other appliions.

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High pressure Polyflex hose with low volumetric expansion for offshore appliions such as, control fluids, acidizing, methanol injection and well stimulation. 5 Parts Viewing 10 of 5 Show More . Close. Previous 1; 2; Next Results Per Page: PARKER HANNIFIN (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD . [email protected] Australian Head Office. 9 Carrington Road. …

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Our low or high nitrogen regulator asselies come in 1 bottle, 2 bottle, 3 bottle, and 4 bottle configurations. The purpose of having a low pressure regulator is to service low pressure nitrogen systems. For example, aircraft tires. P/N: 001589. AERO Product ID: 2000948